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You have found great photos in our collection and would like to use them for your project? It's as simple as that. Here you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions and topics concerning purchasing an image license.

Buying Images Made Easy

The Licensing of images is very simple and uncomplicated:

Buying Images Made Easy

You will find more information concerning all of the topics related to buying images on this page. If you have any further questions, please contact us. Service is one of our strengths and we are happy to help you at any time. Whether you have a complicated project or a tight budget, we will find a tailor-made solution for you.

Image Usage Rights

When we talk about "buying images" we are referring to procuring a license for an image. The copyright will always remain with the photographer. In this respect, you do not purchase the image itself, but the right to use the image. With this purchased image license, you can then use the image for your project in a legally secure manner.

License Types and Pricing

There are two different license types: Rights Managed (RM) and Royalty Free (RF). There are some essential differences between RF and RM. The following table gives you a simple overview. Futher information can be found in the following texts.

Rights Managed (RM) Royalty Free (RF)
Rights For a Specific Use Unlimited
Length of License For a Specific Use Unlimited
Usage History Available Not Available
Exclusivity Available Not Available
File Size High Resolution File Fixed File Sizes
Price Depends on Usage Depends on File Size

Rights Managed (RM)

For every licensed image a detailed history of its usage is available. We handle the complete management of the rights including exclusivity if desired. The prices of rights managed images are based on specific use and parameters such as image size, useful life, distribution area, etc. Rights managed images are of high quality, cover a wide range of image languages, and are available in a wide variety of formats, including special sizes.

You can calculate the price of a licensed image for your desired type of use with just a few clicks using our online price calculator. You will find this calculator on the detailed image page and in the shopping cart.


Royalty Free (RF)

Here are the advantages of royalty free images: buy once, with unlimited use. All images are available for advertising purposes and the image price depends solely on the file size, regardless of how you use it. These images cover a wide range of topics and visual languages, but they are generally more generic compared to rights managed images. The usage history is not available since we do not offer these images for exclusive use. It is possible that two competitors could possibly be using the same image. When licensing a royalty free image the license is non-sublicensable, meaning, the passing on to third parties is not permitted.

For all royalty free images, you will find an overview of the available file sizes and corresponding prices on the image detail page and in the shopping cart.


Rights Simplified (RS)

Rights Simplified is a special type of license for rights managed images. With rights simplified, you can license a package of usage rights. Here, you can bundle several different uses for a single image without having to license each of the uses separately, giving you more freedom and flexibility. This option makes sense if you plan on using a rights managed image for several different projects. An example of this is using the same image for a brochure, a newsletter, and a website.

You can see the Rights Simplified package prices in the online price calculator, which you can find for the desired image on both the image detail page and in the shopping cart.

Download Image Data

As soon as you have selected images from our collection and put them together in a likebox, there are different ways to purchase and download them.


Easy Download and Online Payment

You can purchase image licenses via our online shop and then download them immediately. In your Shopping cart, you can choose between credit card and PayPal as a payment method. Purchase on account is also available for those who have set it up with their representative. Purchasing online is possible at any time and makes your work independent of our office hours. Features are not immediately available for online purchase since their rights must be granted clearance individually.


Easy Downloads from Our Service Team

During our office hours, our service team is at your disposal at any time for personal project advice, individual image selections, rights clearance, to create special usage packages or custom quotes based on your needs. Take advantage of our specialist’s expertise. As soon as we know your needs, we will send you an individual offer. After it is accepted, we will send you a hi-res delivery email. From there, you can simply download the high-resolution data of the desired images.


Direct Download From the Website

Certain existing customers have the ability to download an image directly from the website without having to use the shopping cart. This function is activated when there is a price agreement in place for future invoices. Once these customers are activated, they can download and use the high-resolution image from the website with a simple mouse click. This direct download gives our customers maximum flexibility with full cost transparency.

We are There for You

We are happy to support and advise you in all questions concerning our collection and the purchase of user licenses. Please contact us:

lookphotos – Service Team
P: +1 207 967 5776
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