Lookphotos News November 2018

Georgia by Thomas Stankiewicz, Colombia seen through the lens of Guenther Bayerl, some pictures of Sweden and cosy winter dreams of Bethel Fath. So the winter may come!

Newsletter | 13. November 2018

Lookphotos September News 2018

New York by Günther Bayerl - seen from the unusual perspective, very classical and calm autumn motives by Heinz Wohner, Mallorca and an unexpected destination - Australia! What could be better for your September?!

Newsletter | 19. September 2018

New UNESCO World Heritage Sites by Günther Bayerl

We have brand new, unique photos from two new world heritage sites. The border fortifications of Danevirke along with the Viking settlement at Hedeby and the Naumburg Cathedral. Exclusively for you!

Newsletter | 19. July 2018


New Inspirations for your calendar projects, including fantastic action sport shots, fascinating landscapes from Ireland and snaps shots of the perfect wave

Newsletter | 21. June 2018

Lookphotos News June 2018

In June we welcome our new photographer Priska Seisenbacher. Sie is the specialist for Iran, Central Asia and India. She is constantly on the look out for situations that tell a story and places that ought to be seen. In addition we have new images from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and South Tyrol. Juergen Richter has also brought us a special photo gallery about the route of Saint James.

Newsletter | 19. June 2018

Copy of Lookphotos News May 2018

We proudly present our new Photographer Denis Feiner. See also our new Images from America, Ireland and Baden-Wurttemberg.

Newsletter | 25. May 2018

Lookphotos News March 2018

170 km through the wilderness, without cell phone reception, without civilisation. Simply „outdoors“. Christian Frumolt takes us with him on his unique adventure through Greenland. Also included in the newsletter: UNESCO world heritage sites from Guenther Bayerl, Ruegen Island from Sabine Lubenow and Berchtesgaden from Daniel Schoenen.

Newsletter | 21. March 2018

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The Milestone of German history, exclusively photographed in a contemporary way.

The UNESCO praises the fascinating creations of man and nature, which have an outstanding universal value, as World Heritage Sites. In Germany there are 42 such sites that our photographer Günter Bayerl has captured in expressive and captivating images. They are protected by the 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention. Internationally, it is the most important instrument for conserving cultural and natural sites. Together with photographer, art historian, author and publisher Florian Heine, Günther Bayerl has produced a unique and beautifully illustrated book, which has even received an award by the ITB through an independent jury in the area “culture”. The ITB awards outstanding works each year in the area of travel and tourism. Places and their histories are portrayed in this book in a knowledgeable and entertaining way from the fossil valleys to the Limes boundaries, middle aged old towns, baroque residences, industrial culture right up to modern architecture. A book with outstanding beauty published by Frederking & Thaler. We are very proud that the photographic material in this book and many further beautiful images are available through us.

Learn more at Günther´s Website


Newsletter | 15. March 2018

Lookphotos News February 2018

We are delighted to gain Axel Ellerhorst as new photographer. Thomas Rötting is sending us some colourful images of Cuba and Andreas Strauss will captivate us with the beauty of New Zealand in a breathtaking collection of photographs. Arnt Haug inspires us with high gloss material around the home theme.

Newsletter | 21. February 2018

Lookphotos News December 2017


Newsletter | 20. December 2017

Lookphotos News November 2017


Newsletter | 30. November 2017

Bookcoverinspiration September

Get inspired by our great pictures of topics "Heimat Bayern", "Instagram Moods" and "Wiesenkräuter". Mockup @


Newsletter | 26. September 2017

Lookphotos News September 2017

Great new stuff from our photographers

Newsletter | 19. September 2017

Lookphotos News August 2017


Newsletter | 22. August 2017

Postcards Inspirations


Newsletter | 15. August 2017

Lookphotos News July 2017


Newsletter | 14. July 2017



Newsletter | 23. June 2017

Lookphotos News June 2017


Newsletter | 22. June 2017

Kingdom Mustang

Today we present Dirk Steuerwald´s Trekkingadventure in Nepal. You can get both, the story and the pictures via Lookphotos this time. To get all of our Newsletters sign up here:

Newsletter | 23. May 2017

Lookphotos News May 2017

We proudly present our new photographer Dave Derbis. His preference are spectacular landscape shots. Brand-new pictures from Berlin Mitte, Cuba and Namibia are also included. Check it out!

Newsletter | 10. May 2017

Bookcoverinspiration April

Get inspired by our great pictures on the themes "Strange World", "Light" and "Fifty shades of red". Learn more.

Newsletter | 25. April 2017

Lookphotos News April 2017

Our monthly newsletter shows impressive outdoor captures - like normal for April´s weather. We also present Dirk Steuerwald´s Nepal project. He traveled the earth at a part hardly a stranger can ever see. In addition,our new photographer Nicole Franke-Hofstetter shows her idyllic report about her roadtrip with the family through Sweden. Christoph Jorda completes our newsletter with his outdoor-reportage "Camping at Freilassing"

Newsletter | 11. April 2017

Newsletter März 2017

Our newsletter in March starts out into spring. We present strong outdoor sports images. We also exhibit the long-term project "Autobahn" by Karl Johaentges and fresh impressions of the favorite travel destination of the Germans, Mallorca.

Newsletter | 16. March 2017

Inspirations for your book cover projects

Brand new! Our first newsletter containing book cover inspirations is ready for you! We arranged great image selections for novels, crime and non-fiction.

Newsletter | 7. February 2017