Scotland by Lukas Posset

Another one of our new photographers with his unique image-language.

New images | 16. January 2019

South America by Page Chichester

Glaciers and tropics.

New images | 16. January 2019

Dubai by Juergen Stumpe

Fresh Dubai Pictures from one of our photographers.

New images | 16. January 2019

New Photographer Max Draeger

Proudly presenting our new Photographer Max Draeger. Enjoy the view!

New images | 16. January 2019

Lookphotos News November 2018

Georgia by Thomas Stankiewicz, Colombia seen through the lens of Guenther Bayerl, some pictures of Sweden and cosy winter dreams of Bethel Fath. So the winter may come!

Newsletter | 13. November 2018

Lookphotos September News 2018

New York by Günther Bayerl - seen from the unusual perspective, very classical and calm autumn motives by Heinz Wohner, Mallorca and an unexpected destination - Australia! What could be better for your September?!

Newsletter | 19. September 2018

New York by Günther Bayerl

New York, New York. Check out the images and get inspired.

New images | 19. September 2018

Mallorca by Helge Bias

Mallorca through the zoom Lense. The island you have never seen before. New images | 19. September 2018

Autumn in Germany by Heinz Wohner

Classics at its best! Autumn in Germany.

New images | 19. September 2018

Australia by Don Fuchs

Incredible Australia seen by our Photographer Don Fuchs. New images | 19. September 2018

Altai Mountains by Bethel Fath


New images | 27. July 2018

Munich by Peter Zoeller


New images | 27. July 2018

Falkenstein by Christoph Jorda


New images | 27. July 2018

Eric and the bus and the Alps by Chrstian Frumolt


New images | 27. July 2018

New UNESCO World Heritage Sites by Günther Bayerl

We have brand new, unique photos from two new world heritage sites. The border fortifications of Danevirke along with the Viking settlement at Hedeby and the Naumburg Cathedral. Exclusively for you!

Newsletter | 19. July 2018

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern by Olaf Meinhardt

Olaf Meinhardt loves to let your gaze wander beyond the horizon. His photos of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern open a new perspective to the lakes and water landscapes of North Germany. Anyone who has ever been there and has visited one of the islands such as Ruegen or Usedom or has seen Jasmund National Park can understand that he is very enthusiastic about the nature there.

New images | 28. June 2018

Priska Seisenbacher new at Lookphotos

Priska Seisenbacher is a travel photographer with main focus on Iran, Central Asia and India and has published diverse travel reports, books and calendars. She has lost her heart to Iran, not only because of the friendly and loving people there. She especially wishes to discover more sides of the country and is becoming more and more enthusiastic about the cultural treasures that she finds in every corner of Persia.

Her search is for stories that are told and places that ought to be seen and yet are often left untold and unseen by the public eye. The hope to obtain and capture unimaginable glimpses into remote worlds finally led her to Afghanistan and the far Northeast of India, following the traces of the old silk route and Marco Polo’s journey. With a second book about Iran she remains loyal to her main emphasis.

News | 28. June 2018

South Tyrolean impressions by Helge Bias

If a wannabe mountaineer sets out for the mountains, his photos will be quite different from those from a climbing outdoor specialist. The Hamburg photographer Helge Bias is frequently in South Tyrol and quite often he finds his photographic targets not only at great heights. His view for details and interesting perspectives always accompany him.

New images | 28. June 2018

Route of Saint James by Jürgen Richter

The route of Saint James is truly a phenomenon. With its 1000 year old history, this route remains a fantastic alternative for hikers. Encounters with other people that are “on the same path”, religious cultural treasures and hiking through different landscapes makes this route a rich experience. Many hikers carry the hope for mental relaxation, new orientation or simply a clear mind. Juergen Richter has been a specialist for Spanish themes for years now. This selection could get you on the move!

New images | 28. June 2018


New Inspirations for your calendar projects, including fantastic action sport shots, fascinating landscapes from Ireland and snaps shots of the perfect wave

Newsletter | 21. June 2018

Lookphotos News June 2018

In June we welcome our new photographer Priska Seisenbacher. Sie is the specialist for Iran, Central Asia and India. She is constantly on the look out for situations that tell a story and places that ought to be seen. In addition we have new images from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and South Tyrol. Juergen Richter has also brought us a special photo gallery about the route of Saint James.

Newsletter | 19. June 2018

Denis Feiner - New at Lookphotos

Denis Feiner was born in 1976 in South Germany.  His pilot training in 1996 opened new perspectives for him on our earth. Aerial views fascinated him so much, that he had the desire to capture the impressions and share them with us. After 20 years of photographic experience his main focus lies in landscape photography. The realistic bird's-eye views and landscape shots are taken in Nikon full frame.

News | 4. June 2018

Baden-Wuerttemberg by Daniel Schoenen

35.751,46km² - at first glance this is a relatively huge number. To be precise it is the area covered by Baden-Wuerttemberg since its establishment in 1952. Daniel Schoenen is showing us what valuable treasures are all hidden in this area.

New images | 4. June 2018

Ireland by Günther Bayerl

In this series of photos Guenther Bayerl has remained faithful to his motto "Live fast, expose long". He succeeds in the sensitive handling of contrast as well as in detecting exceptional lighting situations and accentuating them through optimal exposure. Whether in a town or on land his eye for the right moment is impressive.

News | 4. June 2018

Amerika by Cannon Brown und Cedric Angeles

The Californian photographers Cedric Angeles and Cannon Brown are always out and about throughout the whole of America, always on the lookout for special places and events. On the Bahamas, for example, you can see something quite extraordinary: swimming pigs! 

New images | 4. June 2018

Copy of Lookphotos News May 2018

We proudly present our new Photographer Denis Feiner. See also our new Images from America, Ireland and Baden-Wurttemberg.

Newsletter | 25. May 2018

25 % discount on RS

Up to the 15th May 2018 we are giving away a 25% discount on our RS licenses.
RS stands for Rights Simplified and means:

• Media independent
• National or International
• 1 year, 3 years or unlimited duration of use

Find your motif in a collection of more than 600.000 RS images.
Send us an email or simply give us a call.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Your sales team
Kathi Fink, Susanne Promeuschel und Gabriele Seufert

News | 30. April 2018

Arctic Circle Trail by Christian Frumolt

170 km through the wilderness, without cell phone reception, without civilisation. Simply „outdoors“. In July 2017 Christian Frumolt and three friends set off on an adventure through Greenland. They had a satellite telephone with them in their luggage in case of an emergency. They each carried 30 kg of photographic equipment, clothes, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and dried food on their backs. So it was enjoyable to cover the 25 km route in a canoe, which they found in an abandoned canoe centre. The solitude, the endless landscape and the virtually 24 hour daylight fascinated them immensely. They mainly explored the landscape at night. A surreal experience: sunset at 1:00 and sunrise at 1:15. We are fortunate that Christian has allowed us to take part in this unforgettable journey by sharing his stunningly beautiful photographs with us.

Learn more at Chri`s Blog - See also the Trailer

New images | 21. March 2018

UNESCO-World Heritage Sites by Günther Bayerl

The UNESCO praises fascinating creations of man and nature as World Heritage Sites. There are 42 such sites in Germany: from the fossil valleys to the Limes boundaries, to middle aged old towns, baroque residences, and industrial culture right up to modern architecture. The illustrated book which emerged from these photographs has been awarded with the ITB-award in the area “culture”.

New images | 21. March 2018

Ruegen by Sabine Lubenow

On the island of Ruegen you can see the rare sea eagle circling over the many peninsulas, meadows, forests and areas of water, whilst the 100 years old steam train the “rasender Roland” chugs along on the ground. Climb aboard, take a seat and let yourself be enchanted by blue waves, white chalk cliffs and green treetops. Our journey through the Jasmund National Park takes us past picturesque beaches and flowery meadows.

New images | 21. March 2018

Berchtesgaden by Daniel Schönen

The legendary rock massif of the split Watzmann summit is considered to be the most beautiful mountains in the world. It poignantly towers over the Berchtesgadener Alps and watches over the different sights of the region like the idyllic lake Koenigsee. With its crystal clear, emerald green waters the lake conjures up a magical fairy-tale mood between the steep mountain slopes. Embark on a voyage with our photographer Daniel Schoenen to the unique Alpine National Park in Germany.

New images | 21. March 2018

Lookphotos News March 2018

170 km through the wilderness, without cell phone reception, without civilisation. Simply „outdoors“. Christian Frumolt takes us with him on his unique adventure through Greenland. Also included in the newsletter: UNESCO world heritage sites from Guenther Bayerl, Ruegen Island from Sabine Lubenow and Berchtesgaden from Daniel Schoenen.

Newsletter | 21. March 2018

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The Milestone of German history, exclusively photographed in a contemporary way.

The UNESCO praises the fascinating creations of man and nature, which have an outstanding universal value, as World Heritage Sites. In Germany there are 42 such sites that our photographer Günter Bayerl has captured in expressive and captivating images. They are protected by the 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention. Internationally, it is the most important instrument for conserving cultural and natural sites. Together with photographer, art historian, author and publisher Florian Heine, Günther Bayerl has produced a unique and beautifully illustrated book, which has even received an award by the ITB through an independent jury in the area “culture”. The ITB awards outstanding works each year in the area of travel and tourism. Places and their histories are portrayed in this book in a knowledgeable and entertaining way from the fossil valleys to the Limes boundaries, middle aged old towns, baroque residences, industrial culture right up to modern architecture. A book with outstanding beauty published by Frederking & Thaler. We are very proud that the photographic material in this book and many further beautiful images are available through us.

Learn more at Günther´s Website


Newsletter | 15. March 2018

Lookphotos News February 2018

We are delighted to gain Axel Ellerhorst as new photographer. Thomas Rötting is sending us some colourful images of Cuba and Andreas Strauss will captivate us with the beauty of New Zealand in a breathtaking collection of photographs. Arnt Haug inspires us with high gloss material around the home theme.

Newsletter | 21. February 2018

Cuba by Thomas Rötting

Cuba is famous for its music, dance, rum and cigars. This destination can also be very attractive for families, as Thomas Rötting shows in his series of photographs. His children can be seen enjoying a sightseeing tour in an old American limousine, building sandcastles on Caribbean beaches and bathing in crystal clear water.

New images | 21. February 2018

New Zealand by Andreas Strauss

The beauty of New Zealand cannot be captured in words. South Island is especially impressive with its picturesque bays and turquoise sea, golden yellow beaches and wooded mountain slopes. Let yourself be inspired by our lightbox to give yourself an impression of heavenly beauty. Pictures say more than a thousand words

New images | 21. February 2018

Plenty of room for living by Arnt Haug

Who wouldn't wish for a great home with plenty of space to live in? Arnt Haug shows us a magnificent art nouveau apartment with stucco ceiling and parquet flooring – all individually furnished, Modern houses in Bauhaus style or simply comfortable homes for the whole family. A renovated old fisherman's house with rustic charm or a thatched cottage with cool interior on Sylt.

New images | 21. February 2018

Axel Ellerhorst new at Lookphotos

Axel Ellerhorst is a landscape photographer of the German North Sea coast. The sparse landscape of this region has influenced the development of his photographic style. This has produced puristic and authentic landscape images showing the beauty and uniqueness of nature which raises awareness for the conservation of the wilderness. The photographs have been taken with Nikon full frame and have been kept pleasantly natural during editing. With courage to normality, his images have established a conscious distance to colourful mainsteam photography.

News | 21. February 2018

Visit us at PICTAday on 19.04.2018

Are you looking forward to THE event of the image sector 2018!

Let us become acquainted, meet up again and exchange news. Visit us in the old congress hall in Munich and enjoy the wide range of services of this great event. We are looking forward to interesting conversations and creative communication about the newest developments on the photo market.

We will be expecting you, along with 50 other national and international companies from the sector. Look forward to meeting worldwide buyers. Enjoy the extensive buffet and drinks in an exclusive Ambiente. Entrance is free of charge for buyers after prior registration. Visit us at table 6 and arrange an appointment today.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Kathi Fink and Susanne Promeuschel

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News | 8. February 2018

Goodbye Hygge - Welcome Lagom!

Goodbye Hygge. A new Scandinavian lifestyle trend has arrived. Lagom cannot be literally translated. It means to enjoy everything in the right measure, it indicates harmony and internal balance. Not too much or too little – just right. Hygge stands for comfort, cozy candlelight, warm socks and fleecy blankets. It suits the cold and dark times of the year. Lagom on the other hand announces the start of Spring. Scandinavians find their joie de vivre by living in harmony with nature. It compensates their stress between work and daily life. This feeling of "'just the right amount" is confident, authentic and balanced.

Stories | 2. February 2018

Concrete and glass

Architecture is one of the most beautiful arts. Technically, there are no boundaries for the creativity of the architect in the 21st century. Skyscrapers appear to be endlessly high with curves and indentations, winged objects, a skeleton of steel and concrete. These objects of art can also be projection surfaces that inspire street artists and serve as a giant canvas.

Stories | 2. February 2018

Free your Mind

"Tame birds sing about freedom – wild birds fly" (Berthold Brecht) Ever since heathen times people have been fascinated with birds and the idea of flying. In the past people believed that birds were the bearers of souls and possessed magical and mystical powers. They are a symbol for fantasy, thoughts and ideas. Boost your creativity and let yourself be inspired.

Stories | 2. February 2018

Introducing our Live Chat

We are proud to introduce you to our new chat and we are looking forward to your questions, suggestions and requests. Simply click on the button and talk to us! You can still contact us by phone. The chat supplements our extensive service.

News | 23. January 2018


Titel by Blend Image

Publications | 4. January 2018


Titel by Per-Andre Hoffmann

Publications | 2. January 2018

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha by Jürgen Stumpe


New images | 21. December 2017

Andalusia by Jürgen Richter


News | 21. December 2017

Denmark's coasts by Olaf Bathke


New images | 20. December 2017



Stories | 20. December 2017

Lookphotos News December 2017


Newsletter | 20. December 2017


Calendar by Ackermann Kunstverlag

Titel by Tobias Richter

Publications | 20. December 2017


Cover by age fotostock

Publications | 20. December 2017


Cover by Andreas Strauß

Publications | 20. December 2017


Cover by Holger Leue

Publications | 20. December 2017


Calendar by Ackermann Kunstverlag

Titel by Konrad Wothe

Publications | 20. December 2017


Cover by Sabine Lubenow

Publications | 20. December 2017



New images | 4. December 2017

New Zealand by Lukas Wernicke


New images | 4. December 2017

Myanmar by Holger Leue und Don Fuchs


New images | 4. December 2017

Beyond the tracks by Christoph Jorda


New images | 4. December 2017

Lookphotos News November 2017


Newsletter | 30. November 2017

Lookphotos News October 2017

   dertaugliche Impressionen aus Norwegen.

New images | 30. October 2017

Creepy Christmas


Stories | 30. October 2017



Stories | 30. October 2017



Stories | 30. October 2017

Kungsleden Trail


New images | 25. October 2017

From Patagonia to Antarctica


New images | 25. October 2017

Norway by Tobias Richter


New images | 25. October 2017



New images | 25. October 2017

Frankfurt Book Fair calendar award


For the first time, Calendar has been awarded at the Frankfurter Book Fair. The winner of the category "best equipment" is "PhotoCircle: Mood 2018" from DuMont. We are proud that we could provide all the amazing images for this project.

Its impressive glossy-finished motifs, which surprise with a 3-D effect are edged in round passepartouts. They highlight our atmospheric pictures and focus attention.

Categories:       Art , Nature, & Landscape
Dimensions:      49.5 cm x 68.5 cm
Binding:             Spiral binding.

Publications | 19. October 2017

ars vivendi

Cover by Travel Collection

Publications | 16. October 2017


Cover by age fotostock

Publications | 16. October 2017

ars vivendi

Cover by Konrad Wothe

Publications | 16. October 2017

Bookcoverinspiration September

Get inspired by our great pictures of topics "Heimat Bayern", "Instagram Moods" and "Wiesenkräuter". Mockup @


Newsletter | 26. September 2017

Barcelona by Jürgen Richter


New images | 19. September 2017

Bikesession by Christian Frumolt


New images | 19. September 2017

Traveling the Eastern Alps


New images | 19. September 2017

New York by Torsten Andreas Hoffmann


New images | 19. September 2017

Lookphotos News September 2017

Great new stuff from our photographers

Newsletter | 19. September 2017

Schweizer Familie

Cover by Michael Neumann

Publications | 19. September 2017

Allgäu by Andreas Strauß


New images | 22. August 2017

Hongkong and Macau by Günther Bayerl


New images | 22. August 2017

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte by Thomas Rötting


New images | 22. August 2017

Lookphotos News August 2017


Newsletter | 22. August 2017

Postcards Inspirations


Newsletter | 15. August 2017

Lookphotos News July 2017


Newsletter | 14. July 2017

Running by Christoph Jorda


New images | 14. July 2017

Alpine region and Vienna by Rainer Mirau


New images | 14. July 2017

Iceland by David Köster


New images | 14. July 2017

Andalusia by Helge Bias


New images | 14. July 2017

abenteuer und reisen

Cover by robertharding

Publications | 4. July 2017



Newsletter | 23. June 2017

Lookphotos News June 2017


Newsletter | 22. June 2017

Axel Schwab new at Lookphotos


News | 22. June 2017



New images | 22. June 2017

Munich by Franz Marc Frei


New images | 22. June 2017

Swimmingpools worldwide


Stories | 22. June 2017

Land & Berge

Cover by Florian Werner

Publications | 6. June 2017

Kingdom Mustang

Today we present Dirk Steuerwald´s Trekkingadventure in Nepal. You can get both, the story and the pictures via Lookphotos this time. To get all of our Newsletters sign up here:

Newsletter | 23. May 2017

Lookphotos News May 2017

We proudly present our new photographer Dave Derbis. His preference are spectacular landscape shots. Brand-new pictures from Berlin Mitte, Cuba and Namibia are also included. Check it out!

Newsletter | 10. May 2017

Cuba by Klaus Fengler

If you want to experience the socialistic charm of the island state in the Caribbean, you have to hurry, because weakening of the embargo and entry ban of America will change all. Klaus Fengler has assured a genuine snapshot of the country and people for the future.

New images | 10. May 2017

Berlin Mitte by Sabine Lubenow

Bright blue sky during the day, dramatic evening mood and colorful lights at night. Berlin is sexy and rich in colours and impressions. As usual, Sabine presents Berlin Mitte in a graphic and expressive way.

New images | 10. May 2017

Namibia by Wilfried Feder

Characterize by the deserts of Namib and Kalahari, southern Africa is full of life despite its dry climate. Flora and fauna have fit and flourish in full glory. Although the country is very sparsely populated, it is rich in culture due to its history. There are 11 different tribes, which are united in the pride of being Namibians. Wilfried Feders' pictures show you this unreal, rough landscape and the incredible beauty of the inhabitants in an impressive way.

New images | 10. May 2017

Bookcoverinspiration April

Get inspired by our great pictures on the themes "Strange World", "Light" and "Fifty shades of red". Learn more.

Newsletter | 25. April 2017

The perfect portrait

Our photographer Hauke Dressler explains how to shoot portraits like a pro.
Learn more @ or at his Instagram gallery

News | 12. April 2017

Sweden by Nicole Franke - Hofstetter

Our new photographer starts with an idyllic, authentic travel-reportage at Lookphotos. On the road with family and tent, they explore the original nature of Sweden.

New images | 11. April 2017

Camping by Christoph Jorda

Christoph Jorda takes us to the campsite at the lake shore for twenty-four hours. Swimming in clear water, spending the evening by torchlight and sleep under Bavarian starry sky.

New images | 11. April 2017

Weather in April

Whether sunshine, thunderstorm or sleet - April weather is fickle, and that´s beautiful. Cause weather can change hourly, our Lightbox comes also changeable this time.

Stories | 11. April 2017

Nepal by Dirk Steuerwald

The formerly forbidden Kingdom Mustang is a dream destination for trekking. With its fantastic highland deserts and Tibetan culture only a few can afford because of expensive permits. Dirk Steuerwald combined several Treks with Nepalese friends to a three-week Potpourri from Annapurna, Nar-Phu and Mustang-Trekin the heart of Himalaya, which had expeditionary characteristic. Far from civilization, they moved along ancient trade routes and the monks' path from the Marsyangdi Valley between Tibet and Nepal to the formerly highest capital of the world. There, in the Than audience with the king.


New images | 11. April 2017


Cover by Tobias Richter

Publications | 27. March 2017

Wirtschafts Woche

Cover by Daniel Schoenen

Publications | 23. March 2017

Newsletter März 2017

Our newsletter in March starts out into spring. We present strong outdoor sports images. We also exhibit the long-term project "Autobahn" by Karl Johaentges and fresh impressions of the favorite travel destination of the Germans, Mallorca.

Newsletter | 16. March 2017


Spring is ideal for outdoor training

With increasing temperatures and sunshine the outdoor season is opened. Whether extreme sports or hiking in the first green, exercise in the fresh air gets you happy and keeps your body and mind fit.

Stories | 6. March 2017

Project Highway by Karl Johaentges

Traffic jam, reconstruction of bridges and roadways, and the privatization of motorways. Too many Bad News from Germany's most important road network.

New images | 5. March 2017

Faroe Islands by Christoph Jorda

Sated gras for countless sheep, nature like in an fairy-tale and a harsh climate. Outdoor friends are thrilled by the originality of the islands located in the North Atlantic.

New images | 5. March 2017

Mallorca by Daniel Schoenen and Holger Leue

Fresh impressions of the Germans´ favorite holiday island Mallorca.

en | 5. March 2017

Australia by Don Fuchs

Our man from Down Under offers new impressions of his country.

New images | 5. March 2017

Holger Leue talks to Canon CPN

Holger Leue in the Interview with Canon Professional Network. He talks about his work and how he became such a successful travel photographer. Learn more about his opinion to the apparent market saturation with smartphone snapshots and the positioning of high-quality photography.

"However, I do believe that there is still room for traditional travel photography crafted with heart and soul. There is such incredible image saturation now, which must make it extremely hard for photo editors, and that is why niche agencies such as Lookphotos with high-quality images in well-organised collections continue to thrive.” - Holger Leue

News | 28. February 2017

Energy and matter

Our photographer Torsten Andreas Hoffmann proudly presents his exhibition "India in Movement" in one of the most famous galleries of India, the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. In "India today" he talks about his long, intense closeness to India.

News | 27. February 2017

Inspirations for your book cover projects

Brand new! Our first newsletter containing book cover inspirations is ready for you! We arranged great image selections for novels, crime and non-fiction.

Newsletter | 7. February 2017

Apotheken Umschau

Cover by Jan Greune

Publications | 20. January 2017

S. Fischer-Verlag

Cover by Sabine Lubenow

Publications | 19. January 2017

dtv - Verlag

Cover by Rainer Martini

Publications | 18. January 2017

dtv - Verlag

Cover by Heinz Wohner

Publications | 18. January 2017

Surkamp Verlag

Cover by Millennium Images

Publications | 16. January 2017

Droemer Verlag

Cover by Klaus Fengler

Publications | 13. January 2017

Stern Magazin

    Cover by Heinz Wohner

Publications | 13. January 2017

German dream home

„I want to live there“

Old building with stucco, futuristic prefabricated building or classic family apartment. Great flasts and houses - also a houseboat. With PROPERTY RELEASE!

Stories | 31. December 2016


Minus level and water conjure bizarre Artworks. Ice flowers or snowflakes in different shapes and sizes are fascinating winter-beautys. Filigree, mystical and so ephemeral.

Stories | 16. December 2016